Maldives Weather in August

Monday, January 31, 2011 2:07 | Filled in Maldives Diving, Maldives Holidays

The weather in Maldives in August keeps its pleasant tropical climate, albeit with frequent rain showers and strong winds.
According to the Maldives dive weather, average daily temperatures in August are around 28 degrees, with the lowest at 27 and the highest at 29.
Rainfall can amass to 188 mm for the month, with daily sunshine at roughly 11 hours.
The weather Maldives rainy season are one of the more turbulent ones; thunder storms can occur at any moment, as shown by the increased rainfall, however the temperatures (both air and water) remain delightfully warm and pleasant.
You can have a detailed look at the August weather in Maldives below, or click on a month to see the average monthly weather data for Maldives.

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